Some SEO Practices Even Professionals Tend to Forget

 SEO Practices


In SEO, professionals in the field have to take care of a number of factors.  From making sure the content has the right keywords, to creating relevant backlinks, and finding the right keywords, all these and many more practices have to come together to deliver.

SEO, unlike other digital and traditional marketing technique, is not centered on a single practice. Many different factors have to come together to deliver results in line with a typical SEO campaign. It is often the case that digital marketers tend to forget peripheral factors that play a key role in determining key SEO goals such as search rankings and traffic.

According to Delhi Courses, in most SEO courses, all bases are covered when it comes to teaching discernible practices. There are likely to be a very few courses that do not cover the bare bones of the subject. While there is a complete education in SEO offered across different programs, from an online learning module to digital marketing courses, the sheer number of topics covered makes it difficult for an average student to remember.

In this article, we point out a few commonly forgotten SEO practices marketers should take care of while running a campaign.

Meta Tag Optimization

One of the basics of SEO, it is often the case that marketers in the field do not optimize their meta tag content to make sure it ranks high on search rankings.

Meta tags are amongst the first things a search engine crawler picks up from a given webpage. It is thus natural for SEO professionals to make sure the meta tags are optimally layered with keywords and phrases important for discovery.

However, in the heady rush to create more content and add more backlinks, meta tag optimization often ends up taking the back seat. This is one simple SEO practice that can be easily performed and is very important. Digital marketers would do well to make sure they never forget they need to optimize their meta tags.

Image Optimization

Low website speed is an important SEO factor. One reason why many websites end up having poor load time is that they don’t optimize their images.

Images usually take up the most space on a typical website, thus increasing the website load time further.

Marketers in the field should make sure the images they add in a given content piece should be compressed.

Link Optimization

In today’s world, the power of a link cannot be underestimated. Link optimization refers to improving all incoming and outgoing links of a website to make sure they are deemed relevant by search engines.

Using link optimization, digital marketers can even make sure the anchor text to any given link is suitably optimized as well to add greater context to each link while sharing.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, digital marketers should take into account the three aforementioned factors to make sure an SEO campaign runs smoothly.

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