Communicate the Vision – Teach the Vision

As a successful leader, you must…

Define and communicate the values and vision for your company

Align the company and all employees towards your values and vision

Engage and develop your employees to act in accordance with your values and to achieve your vision

In short, your values and your vision need to be understood and shared by all employees. They need to stick. They need to be front of mind. They need to be thought of on a daily basis. So, how can this be achieved?

You as a leader need to spend the time to teach and explain your values and vision directly to the employees in your company!!


Yes, teach. As a leader, stand in front of groups, large and small, and directly explain, teach and preach your values and your vision, how they were derived, and why they are important.

You likely have three questions:

What to Teach?

When and to Whom to Teach?

Why Teach?

What to Teach?

The goal is to teach all members of your team about your company, about your values, and about your vision for the company. As Division President, I conducted countless teaching sessions, formally in a 2 day class that I called “Precast University” and informally in small group settings. The purpose of these sessions was to ensure that everyone understood what the company did and to explain the values in the company and the vision that I and the leadership team had for the company.

First, I would explain about the company I had a show and tell about the size and extent, the culture, the customers, and the products and services in the company. I was always shocked to discover how little people who had worked at the company knew about the company. Finance and human resources people would not know the products that we produced Even production people would have no idea how products and services were used, who our customers were, and why they bought our products.

After this introduction, I would explain my values and the values that I wanted permeated throughout the company. Then, I would lay out the visions and the objectives of the company. I would explain why we are doing what we are doing.

When and to Whom to Teach?

I would teach the values and vision to the VP/ General Managers at formal General Managers’ meeting. I would teach to up and coming managers at small group Manager of Managers training. I would teach at formalized training programs as part of other teaching I might be doing or as an introduction before other training sessions. Finally, when visiting plants or different departments, I would teach the vision in informal small group “lunch and learns.” The opportunities for teaching are endless. What is essential is to ensure that as many people hear it as possible, both managers and employees And you need to have some sessions where you are interacting directly with employees down in the organization without your direct report (and their supervisors) present.

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